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Electrical installations

obytne-moduly-elektroinstalaceAccording drawn up wiring diagram, the switchgear is assembled at the designated point matching with the appropriate equipment for lighting and socket circuit including heating. The switchgear is connected to the socket of CEE 3f32A/400V with Fi 0.03protection. There are fixed connections and socket CEE on the outside wall in the specified location. (Circuit-breaker box) Switchgear is equipped with blanking plugs as needed in the appropriate color and equipment. There is fixed ground clamp at the appropriate outside place which is further connected with grounding wire connector.

Roof - ceiling

The roof of the container is formed by roof trapezoidal sheets, the overlapping parts are folded so as to form a drip edge. On the ceiling there are normally used melamine chipboard. Between the roof and the ceiling there is a vapor barrier insulation and 80 mm mineral wool. Roof load is 100 kg/m2. Insulation and roof load can be changed according to the customer requirements, as well as the material used for the roof can be replaced by eg. plasterboard suspended ceilings.


Obytné moduly - RámSelf-supporting welded construction with ISO cubes to handle and manipulate with container placed in the corners. Integrated metal gutters are part of the frame. After welding the frame is sprayed with primer and then the top coat in RAL colors available on request.


Obytné moduly - dveřeThe standard version of galvanized painted steel door ZK-sheet is fitted with appropriate steel frame with rubber seal. It is possible to use another door according customer need.


podlaha-enThe lower subfloor is formed by trapezoidal sheet, 80mm mineral wool insulation and vapor barrier. Bottom plate is standardly chipboard with PVC covering. Floor loading capacity is 275 kg/m2. Insulation and loading capacity can be customized according customers need. Alternatively, a cement board Cetris, wall tiles and others can be used instead of floor coverings.


stena-enPerimeter walls

The outer wall consists of the trim plates and interior melamine chipboards. Between them there is placed the insulation layer consisting of a vapor barrier and mineral wool 60 mm thick. Possible to change according to customer's request.

Inner walls

Standardly, the interior walls are made of double-sided melamine chipboard. According the customer´s need there can be inserted an insulation in 60 mm mineral wool between the plates.


Obytné moduly - oknaWhite plastic windows with double glazing and white plastic blinds are fitted as the standard. Window together with the sunblind is integrated in a common frame. There are mounted side guide rails of sunblinds on it. The sunblind controle is routed to the inner side of the window. The type and color of the window can be changed according to customer requirements and it is possible to add additional amenities such as gratings, antireflection films, etc.


  • Residential areas - dressing rooms, dining rooms, hostels and more
  • Commercial areas - offices, shops, factories, exhibition spaces and other

Standard equipment:

  • 2 pcs 230V socket
  • 1 pc socket 230 for heating
  • 1 pc 2kW electric heater
  • 2 pcs fluorescent 1x36W
  • 1 pc standard white plastic window opening and folding with shutter
  • 1 pc standard exterior door

Different or additional equipment can be installed according the customer´s requirement.


Container´s design is adapted for manipulation by:

  • Roof four-point mechanical suspension through the top holes of the corner cubes
  • side hinge (long side) with fixing holes in the side upper corner cubes with support on the side of the lower cubes
  • crane
  • at the request also by stretching to abroll system

Structure of containers is not designed for handling with the following:

  • sliding
  • front suspension

Manipulace – obytné modulyManipulace – obytné moduly


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