Modular construction

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Modular construction is a process that occurs under controlled conditions off site in a factory, using most of the same material with the same final design but with savings up to 75% of the time compared to traditional building construction.

The production process takes place according to ISO 9001 in UNICO MODULAR

Besides the quality control and clearly defined completion date, modular construction offers many other benefits. By 80% reduction of on site construction activity compared to traditional construction, modular construction prevents on site disruption, reduce car traffic and improves overall safety. For schools, hospitals, or factories with an uninterrupted activity, a modular construction represent a significant reduction of on site building aktivity and thus reliminating a large part of the construction risks and limited comfort.

UNICO MODULAR consists of professional team capable to implement your ambitious projects in unrivaled terms through design to construction handover

A modular construction system and cooperation with quality suppliers represents for architects and investors the opportunity to work with the level of design and sophistication that surpasses all expectations and compete with their conventional counterparts. A good supplier of modular buildings benefits from the experience of its own design team and is able to support with demanding references.

UNICO MODULAR is focused on demanding foreign marketsfrom the beginning.

Investors and developers who are looking for ways to sustainable development and decrease of environmental impact already knows that modular construction is essentially a natural trend. Production in a controlled environment reduces building waste and eliminates wastage. This, along with better quality control throughout the construction process and significantly lower level of building activity on the spot, basically supports sustainable development.

UNICO MODULAR is an innovative, creative, flexible and reliable supplier of modular buildings, which feels its responsibility for sustainable development


Why not modular construction?

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